box turtle

 Scooter the Box Turtle
When we acquired Scooter we were not sure of gender but later discovered Scooter is actually a female. She does not mind her name and we chose not to change it.

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TRLI Sulcata Adoption Policy

For anyone surrendering their Sulcata tortoise (Geochelone Sulcata) we would like to make it very clear that homes may be easy to find, but great homes are not. Here at TRLI we strive to find the best home possible for each and every tortoise that comes to us. Some may be place quickly, others may have to spend some time with us while we work on finding a good home. Our first and formost condition is to place the tort as far down south as we can, however this is not always possible and there will be times that the tortoise will be placed in a northern climate, but only if sufficient space and good environment can be provided to the tortoise for the colder months. This may be in the way of a large shed, a garage, a basement or even a large room inside ones house (although that is not recommended). Our goal is not to make people happy, although that's a bonus, but to put the torts in the best possible home.

For those wanting to adopt a Sulcata please refer to the above. We will not adopt to anyone in a northern climate unless sufficient space and an adequate environment can be provided for the tortoise during the winter months. We will always place a tortoise in a good southern home before resorting to a northern climate. We will not knowingly place a female Sulcata with someone that currently has males and intends to breed. There is enough of a problem with the overpopulation of Sulcata as it is. If I can be assured that seperate areas are kept for each gender, this may not be an issue. But under no circumstances will we ever adopt a female Sulcata to someone with two male Sulcata which will be kept in close quarters. Please don't ask us to make exceptions, we won't.

When adopting we do ask for photos of enclosures, not your current tortoises. We do this for a reason. Not to start a photo journal of beautiful back yards, we do it to be sure the Sulcata (or any tortoise for that matter) is going to have everything he will need for a safe, healthy environment throughout the year. This means we must see that you have an escape proof, fenced in area in your yard. A shelter which has heating if you have winter months when the tortoise will have to be kept inside at night. If the tortoise will have to be inside day and night for the winter, we also want to see that enclosure. A water source, UVB lighting and heating must be shown. It may seem like this is a bit much, but if someone really wants to adopt a Sulcata, we expect them to do what it takes to have one and the above are necessary. We always recommend one visit for proper care of Sulcata. If you write on your application that you will be feeding your Sulcata mazuri tortoise chow and fruit we will work with you to change that to a good diet. Remember our intentions are for the utmost care of the Sulcata and proper diet, as well as environment is essential for good health for the tortoise.

At this time we do not ask for an adoption fee, however the person surrendering the tortoise is asked to pay a surrender fee plus provide a health certificate for the tortoise to be shipped over state lines (or pay an extra fee for our vet to provide one).

The person adopting is responsible for shipping charges.

The above is our current policy. It may change at any time without notice. It is at our discretion to decide which is the best place to adopt all tortoise to.

Julie Maguire
Director, Turtle Rescue of Long Island
NYS Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

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